Engineering in Mechanical Engineering: Syllabus, Subjects, Salary

The many industries in which graduates work, including auto parts, industrial production, manufacturing, mechatronics, material handling, power generation, biomaterials, firmware, training, architecture, banking, finance, and consulting services, attest to mechanical engineering’s long-standing reputation as the most potent and versatile engineering discipline.

pursuing any B tech  field or mechanical engineering in 2022 Under the current circumstances, courses themselves are almost a curse for students.  A course as modern, varied, and widely available as B-tech subjects in computer science  can assist in elevating a student’s professional growth statistic to previously unheard-of levels.

Syllabus and Curriculum of B-tech In Mechanical Engineering

The B-tech mechanical engineering program offers a broad curriculum. In the B.Tech college  in Mechanical Engineering degree, the knowledge of physics, mathematics, and the fundamentals of engineering is utilized to produce solutions for challenging engineering problems. The program roughly tailors elements like problem analysis and solution creation to the specific needs of the area. Experiment design, data analysis and interpretation, and the synthesis of significant findings require methodology and knowledge supported by research.

Pupils gain proficiency in working both individually and collaboratively on a range of interdisciplinary disciplines. Since many mechanical engineering students go on to become supervisors, project management is a crucial component of the program. The eight semesters of the curriculum educate students for a variety of technical dynamics that arise in the corporate world and provide them a more thorough understanding of how to work with various types of equipment and system components through hands-on learning.

Semester Wise Subject Distribution

One of the main duties of mechanical engineers is to use concepts of science and mathematics to analyze, conceptualize, and create the best, most appropriate, ergonomic, and procedural mechanical systems. This continues to be a popular professional discipline for many reasons. These are some of the subjects and semester-by-semester syllabuses for m tech civil engineering courses.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Engineering Mathematics Engineering Mathematics 2
Basic Electronics Engineering Graphics
Engineering Physics Programming In Python
Introduction To C Programming/ Python Material Science
Professional Communication Skills Engineering Mathematics 2
Introduction To Mechanical Engineering Engineering Graphics
Semester 3 Semester 4
Special Functions And Statistics Applied Electrical Engineering Fourier Series And Partial Differential Equations
Applied Electronics Engineering Engineering Metallurgy Production Technology – II
Production Technology – I Thermal Engineering
Strength Of Materials. Mechanics Of Machines – I
Engineering Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics
Semester 5 Semester 6
Numerical Methods. Turbomachines
Mechatronics Automobile Engineering
Compressible Flow And Jet Propulsion Design Of Mechanical Drives
Heat And Mass Transfer Computer-Aided Design And Drafting
Mechanics Of Machines – II Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
Analysis And Design Of Machine Components
Semester 7 Semester 8
Industrial Economics Management Principles And Concepts
Power Plant Engineering Metrology And Quality Control Resource Management Techniques
Oil Hydraulics And Pneumatics Elective
Electives To Choose From Project Work

Eligibility Criteria For Pursuing Mechanical Engineering In India

The eligibility for B tech ME is mostly similar across all institutions. Following are some of the criteria that students must satisfy to secure admission in an ME programme:

  • The applicant must have studied non-medical (physics, maths, and chemistry) in their 12th standard.
  • The students must have secured 45-50% marks in their 12th standard, and 60% in the case of institutions of national importance.
  • The students must have passed their 12th from a recognised broad of education.
  • The candidate should have appeared for engineering entrance exams like JEE mains and advanced, or any other as stated by the preferred cullege.

B-tech Mechanical Engineering— Salaries

If the student has graduated from a tier 1 or tier 2 college, the beginning wage for jobs following this course might start at about INR 5 lakhs per year. If one were to add, let’s say, five or six years of experience in this field, the number would quadruple and fall between eight and ten lakhs. In a similar vein, your career ladder in mechanical engineering advances with experience. Working in this industry has many exciting aspects, not the least of which is its extremely high growth pace. If their experience and knowledge are up to par, young freshmen or students have a good possibility of becoming industry leaders.

Career Prospects after Mechanical Engineering in India— Industry Overview

In the upcoming years, there will be fascinating employment options in mechanical engineering that are both respectable and varied. Since mechanical engineering  degree required by almost every field of study, top engineering college in punjab are always in great demand. Here are some of the largest sectors that are continuously on the hunt for qualified mechanical engineers:

Automotive manufacturing: One of the sectors with the fastest rate of growth is the automobile industry, which offers mechanical engineers a variety of career paths. Some of the most prominent automakers in the world are actively seeking out young talent to work on research and innovation projects related to transportation systems, including self-driving cars, high-speed rail, and spaceship infrastructure, from design to manufacture and maintenance.

These days, robotics, robotic process automation, and technology are the hottest subjects in conversation. Almost every industry is looking for ways to use automation technologies to increase productivity and reduce operating expenses. The implementation of the same requires the supervision and participation of licensed mechanical engineers. Mechatronics and robotics have always relied heavily on mechanical engineers, whether they are creating new robotics technology or automating stock management procedures.

Top 10 Career Profiles after Btech ME And Average Starting Salary

Job Profile Average Annual Salary
Systems Engineer 4.1 Lakhs
Power Engineer 4.2 Lakhs
Plant Engineer 6.5 Lakhs
Renewable Energy Consultant 3.13 Lakhs
Manufacturing Engineer 4.07 Lakhs
Packaging Engineer 5.3 Lakhs
Mechanical Device Engineer 3.2 Lakhs
Mechatronics Engineer 3.6 Lakhs
Process Development Engineer 6.36 Lakhs
Design Engineer 3.6 Lakhs

Scope of Pursuing Mechanical Engineering In 2022

The breadth of mechanical engineering as a discipline offers students career options outside of the aforementioned industries. Whatever route they decide on, a mechanical engineering college in punjab equips students with the critical thinking abilities needed to develop an exciting system or product, the mathematical tools needed to achieve their design goals, the capacity to overcome any obstacles, and the collaborative spirit needed to develop, sell, and manufacture a system. These noteworthy skills can be applied to launch professions in a range of other fields, such as banking, finance, consulting, medical, and law.


As our society becomes more mechanized, mechanical engineering is undoubtedly one of the most promising and cutting-edge career paths. Because of their significant impact on innovation and the creation, building, and upkeep of effective mechanical components, mechanical engineers play a critical role in both maintaining and transforming communities. By combining an excellent bachelor’s curriculum with research opportunities, internships, cooperative education programs, summer employment opportunities, and industry training, students can become effective future engineers.

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