Which Polytechnic Course Offers A High Salary Placement Package?

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Polytechnic courses are well known to offer students an advanced engineering learning experience. Also referred to as a diploma in engineering, it offers students technical and vocational courses. Numerous diploma degrees are available at some of India’s most renowned polytechnic institutes, all under one roof. Additionally, the curriculum is appropriate for students who are eager to find a successful job at an early stage. Nowadays, the majority of institutions provide some of the greatest credential programs with favorable placement prospects.

IGEF has some of the best polytechnic courses that provide broad-based and diverse engineering learning in different areas. Students can pursue their interests by taking these courses. These courses are open to students as soon as they have passed their 10th and 12th classes.

For students interested engineering profession, the polytechnic is undeniably the best course for you. As a matter of fact, students who acquire a polytechnic degree are also referred to as junior engineers.

What is the Eligibility for Polytechnic Diploma Courses?

The minimum requirement for entrance into a polytechnic program is to pass the 10th grade with a minimum of 35% in Science and Maths subject. In many Indian states, however, the state board of technical education holds entrance exams for admission to diploma programs. The candidate may take the LET (Lateral Entry Test) to be considered for admission to B.Tech. or B.E. programs after completing the diploma program. Students who have completed their 12th grade can also apply for the best course in polytechnic

Although each college has its unique set of requirements for applicants, students must need to meet them. The following are the general eligibility criteria for admission to the best polytechnic college in India

  • Students who have passed the 10th board exam
  • Students who have completed their class 12th
  • Required passing marks in Science & Mathematics
  • Above all, the student must have graduated with passing grades from an accredited educational institution.

Two Different Polytechnic Courses For Higher Salary Placement Package

Polytechnic Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

A polytechnic diploma in mechanical engineering is a three-year program that molds a student’s professional practice in this rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology. Additionally, the course makes sure that students acquire self-reliance, creativity, business, and moral principles, leadership, and motivation. 

Polytechnic in mechanical engineering is a flexible course that offers a broad-based education that empowers you to succeed in a variety of professional options. The program’s emphasis on practical design abilities gives you a competitive edge in creating innovative solutions to use renewable energy, design and produce things, and create new materials and processes.

How Is The Program Advantageous?

  • Students who completed their polytechnic diploma in mechanical engineering might find better career options in administrative roles at numerous prestigious organizations.
  • The course also prepares students for different educational, mechanical, and other relevant work profiles.
  • Students can opt for further studies like a bachelor’s degree and post-graduation after completion of their polytechnic diploma in mechanical engineering. 

Polytechnic in Civil Engineering

A polytechnic diploma in civil engineering offers good exposure to reinforced concrete structures, material testing, quality control, construction management, entrepreneurship, professional practice, office procedures, etc. Students gain the capacity to grasp new concepts as well as problem-solving, logical, and analytical skills. Those who are capable of analyzing designs, plans, and projects as well as managing risk are eligible to apply for a diploma in civil engineering. 

IGEF is one of the best polytechnic colleges in India, focusing on construction engineering and public health engineering.

How Is A Civil Engineering Diploma Useful?

  • Civil engineering is one of the most searched and best polytechnic courses at IGEF. With this course, students are not only equipped with sound knowledge but also improve their vision and administrative skills.
  • Needless to say, the demand for civil engineers is never-ending.
  • After completing this course, students can pursue their graduation and post-graduation courses to enhance tier skills.
  • Students can also join well-known construction companies to make their careers as civil engineers.
  • Civil engineering jobs are available in different sectors like PWD, private construction companies, MES, railways, etc. 

When it is about the polytechnic course, you must get the right exposure and the best guidance for your studies. Hence, IGEF is the ultimate choice for every student who wants to study polytechnic courses.

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