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PUBLIC NOTICE – NATA 2020                                               July 17, 2020

Subject: Postponement of First Test of NATA 2020 scheduled to be held on August 01, 2020.

In view of the prevalent situation in the country arising out of pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19), the competent authority of the Council of Architecture has decided to postpone the ensuing First Test of NATA 2020 examination scheduled for August 01, 2020.

Further, Council of Architecture, considering the threat of COVID-19 and keeping in mind the concerns about the health and safety of the students and the Advisories & Guidelines issued by various Central/State Governments, has decided to conduct both Parts A (Drawing test) and B (Test on Scientific Ability & General Aptitude) of NATA 2020 as an online aptitude test.

Now, the Part-A Test (Drawing Test) will not be paper based drawing test but as preferential choice type test which is to be answered on computer/laptop. The syllabus for Part-A Drawing Test has also been revised and is as under:

“Understanding the important visual principles in a composition (2D OR 3D) such as balance, rhythm, direction, hierarchy, etc. Understanding geometry and the ability to visualize shape and solve geometrical puzzles to test spatial intelligence; Understanding color theory and the various terminologies to test color scheme awareness and knowledge; Visual system interpretation and perception to test graphical similarities and other properties; Ability to understand spatial relationship between objects, and to visualize images and scenarios; Tests for cognitive ability: perception, attention, recognition, memory etc.”

The candidates may opt to appear for NATA 2020 from their respective places of residence/stay or at  the Council allotted test centre in case they do not have net connectivity or technical/hardware resources such as PC, laptop, web cam etc. The candidates will soon be provided an option in their respective login accounts to opt for their preference for examination for NATA 2020 i.e. from home or test centre.

The First Test is now proposed to be held on 29.08.2020 while the date for the Second Tests of NATA 2020 examination will be announced in due course. The revised NATA brochure with revised dates Tests and other important instruction, schedule, technical specifications and details regarding new Registrations for NATA 2020 shall be uploaded soon on the website of the Council as well on NATA website

The candidates and parents are advised to keep visiting the said sites for latest updates. For any further clarification, candidates may contact NATA Helpdesk at and NATA Help Desk No.: 9319275557, 7303487773.



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