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( Only For Admission )

*Indo Global College of Management and Technology* organises a Hospital/Lab visit on *21st of March, 2024 (Thursday),* for students of B.Sc Medical Lab Sciences , 4th Sem and 6th Sem in *Accuprobe Diagnostic, Phase 2 , Mohali.*
The visit aimed to provide students with practical exposure to the healthcare environment and enhance their understanding of laboratory procedures and protocols.
During the visit, students had the opportunity to understand *Biochemical and Immunological Tests, Serological tests, HbA1C and were also given a tour of various departments such as Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Immunology and observed Operation of Machine Roche Cobas and various techniques used in sample analysis.* They had the opportunity to interact with medical technologists and laboratory staff, who shared insights into their roles and responsibilities.

These visits by *Indo Global College* provide valuable knowledge and practical skills that complemented their academic studies.