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“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.”
Congratulations to all degree holders!!
Indo Global Group of Colleges 17th Convocation held today, was a grand spectacle of achievement and celebrations. The event hosted a gathering that radiated pride and accomplishment alongside Alumni and their proud parents.
IGC 17th convocation witnessed the benign presence of Chief guest- Dr. Satish Kumar , Chief Scientist at CSIO-CSIR, Chandigarh.Felicitated with a warm welcome by IGC Patrons Mrs Neelam Singla & Mr. Manav Singla, alongside Principals of the three colleges.
Dr. Satish , expressed joy in witnessing the achievements of the IGC, and transformative journey of the graduates. He highlighted the need of critical thinking, facing challenges, no fear of failures during his address to the audience.
As the event concluded, the air echoed with spirited declarations “Three cheers to IGC” ,symbolising not just academic success but a commitment to future shaped by knowledge and values.