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Objective of Innovative minds club is to develop problem solving, research & innovation skills of students. It offers them opportunity to work on real projects in association with leading organizations and industries. Students are working on various projects; participating in various innovation activities & events. These events & activities empower students to make their own decisions and help them gain vital experience and skills to lead them on the path to their future. All events and activities of the club are being promoted through social media Facebook and Instagram.

Activities/ Tasks conducted during the current year:
Event Date: 15th Sep 2022
Title: Engineers Day
Innovative club of the institute organized & celebrated engineer’s day. On this day, students of engineering and technology displayed their innovative projects & presented them nicely.

Event Date: 29th Sep 2022
Title: Hybrid Technology Vehicles in association with Toyota Kirloskar Pvt Ltd
Innovative Minds Club of Indo Global College of Engineering in association with Toyota Kirloskar Pvt Ltd organized event on Hybrid Technology vehicles along with demonstration of luxury car Toyota Camry. Event was highly productive for all engineering disciplines and company officials explained features of future hybrid technology vehicles. Mr Anuj Sharma from Toyota explained that we have to find ways to make vehicles that are kinder to the environment and reduce our dependence on oil-based fuels. Hybrid as a core technology for achieving these goals, combining different energy sources in a single powertrain to obtain outstanding fuel efficiency with significantly lower emissions, at a price customers can afford.

Event Date: 3rd October 2022
Title: Virtual Lab
Event on Practical and Project experimentation through virtual lab was organized by Innovative minds club of Indo Global College of Engineering. It provides remote-access to simulation-based Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering. Through this, students can conduct experiments by arousing their curiosity. This would help them in learning basic and advanced concepts through remote experimentation.

Event Date: 6th October 2022
Title: Latest technology venturing corporate arena
Innovative minds club of the institute organized event on “Latest technology venturing corporate arena” in association with excellence technologies, Chandigarh. Event was highly interesting and fruitful for all engineering disciplines. Officials from the company explained various developed projects based on AI, Machine Learning, Mobile application, Data Science, Robotics etc. It was largely attended by students of engineering.

Event Date: 30th Aug 2022
Title: IOT based digitally controllable home automation system
Aurnisha Bardewa, student of computer science and engineering has made us proud while presenting “Internet of Things (IoT) based digitally controllable home automation system” which was demonstrated. Using this project, all home appliances can be managed easily.

Event Date: Aug 2022
Title: Niyoto Catalyst National Level Competitive Event
Team Snowden, CSE -3rd year students of Indo Global College of Engineering are winners of “Niyoto Catalyst”, secured 3rd position.
  • A National level contest
  • 800+ Colleges participated
  • 40+ teams contested
  • Received cash prize of 1 lac

Event Date: 21st July 2022
Title: National Innovation Repository
National Innovation Repository is going to become an Integral part of IGC campus and will create and maintain a repository of innovations by identifying, scouting and evaluating innovations and start-ups developed by faculty members, & students. In this regard, event was organized by innovative minds club team to explore various requirements.

Other Important in-house developed products and projects by students of Indo Global College of Engineering

eCampus Cart is a Battery operated pollution free and noise free vehicle
eCampus Cart is a Battery operated pollution free and noise free vehicle, developed by ME students, as a part of their major Project work in final year. The main objective is to design a vehicle that should be very economical, eco-friendly and reliable, and the objective is well achieved! eCart is capable of carrying 4 to 5 persons. Its utility shall be realized especially

admission period to facilitate parents and visitors to venture within the Indo Global Campus. It can travel 70 KM in a single charge @ 40-45 Km/hr. The charging time is 3 hrs fast charge & 8 hrs trickling slow charge. The vehicle's chassis and suspension is fabricated in workshop whereas DC motor, controller and other electrical parts are purchased from market.

Mobile Hydraulic Lift
This innovative project is developed by ME students under the guidance of Prof. Anil

of street lights of college campus or to undertake any repair work up to a height of 20 feet. This lift can easily lift two persons, to a height of 20 feet above ground. Such system, available in the market cost around 2 to 5 lakhs, but students managed to design this lift in just Rs.70, 000. Moreover it is propelled by a Bajaj Chetek 1.5 HP petrol engines, that can be drive able to any remote place and same engine is used to activate hydraulic system also.

The main objective of this project is to control home Appliances using mobile APP using Bluetooth technology. This project is a fine combination of Android mobile technology and embedded system. Using this project, the user can control Home appliances using Android mobile, such that android application is installed on his/her Android mobile handset. The user can send commands using that application.

This project consists of a Bluetooth receiver. This Bluetooth device is connected to the circuit which has a decoder. This decoder sends a code for the respective command sent by the user.
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