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To provide a learning environment in which all students are challenged to develop their intellectual, practical and social skills in a holistic way focusing on leadership, socially responsible behaviour and lifelong learning.

QEEE Program by IIT Madras and MHRD Govt of India

Indo Global Colleges have become one of the participating institute in Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education (QEEE Program) of IIT Madras, MHRD Government of India. Under this program, all facilities are available in our campus for participating in Live Classes, Virtual Labs and Tutorials offered by IIT professors.

Various modules in this prestigious QEEE program offered  in our campus through IIT Madras are -

  • Live Lectures & Tutorials: In this programme, a part of (about 1/3rd to begin with) of the selected courses lectures/tutorials would be delivered live from the IIT classroom to our campus using the tool via communications hardware being set up. The session will mimic a live session as much as possible, with opportunities for sharing and interaction between students and instructor.
  • Interactive E-books: E-books have been specially designed for specific courses by highly rated teachers. Our students can utilise graphically rich learning techniques including text, images, graphics/animations, videos, audios, reference links, illustrations, presentations etc to enable a wider access to resources and material.
  • Virtual Labs: This module provides virtual hands-on experience to students on experiments undertaken remotely. It creates an opportunity to work on a real lab experiment tailored to suit their syllabus and curriculum. It provides students and teachers alike, a chance to access quality resources and materials.
  • MOOC (Open Courseware): Open course ware essentially constitutes a licensed mechanism of delivering courses online directly to the student. It enables customized learning anytime or anywhere learning through the internet.


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