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      11 Jan 2019

Lohri Celebration coming on Sunday this year therefore Students, Faculty and staff of Indo Global Group of Colleges came together to celebrate Lohri with full of zest and exuberance on Friday. The freezing winter chill vanishes in all the merry making around the bonfire of Lohri with the students and faculty singing traditional folk songs and dancing with joy. The celebrations commenced at sharp 2.00 pm. Thereafter, the function started with speeches in English and Punjabi highlighting the importance of the festival of Lohri, which ushers in the cheerful spring season bidding adieu to the dull winter. The students and teachers sang songs immersed in rich cultural folklore of Punjab. This was followed by group dance performance of Engineering students. Then there was round of Tambola for those who desired to sit down and play a while. This was followed by the traditional lighting of the Lohri bonfire with students singing 'Sunder Mundriye'. Fun and frolic followed with faculty and students singing Lohri Songs, Boliyaan, Bhangra performance and finally concluded with refreshments for all.  There were also many fun games in which both the faculty and students participated. There were exiting prizes for the winners. But more than the prize it was participation that mattered to all. The students, faculty, staff and all present were completely immersed in festive spirit of Lohri with each and everyone taking part in the celebrations enthusiastically..


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