Good and highly professional people are the success of any organization. At Indo Global College, our vision is to bring best people together and give them the best environment to grow.

Indo Global College is the best place to work, learn and grow. As a dynamic forward looking organization, committed to being a center of excellence in research, teaching and learning, we offer huge opportunities for the professional growth in research and educational environments.

Who we are?

At Indo Global College, we strive to foster a work environment that enables all its employees to embrace the spirit of Indo Global colleges, and contribute at the highest possible level to support the mission of foundation. We endeavor to create the best work environment that values diversity, integrity and development. We harmonize all the requirements of our employees by upholding the laws and regulations that govern the work we do.

Our HR policies are geared towards attracting and recruiting the best talent, and to reward, recognize and retain them. These policies and practices are comparable to some of the top ones in the industry.

What we do?

Following is our key forte of services offered to the learners and staff

  1. Deliver the Indo Global College’s HR strategy
  2. Develop, implement and evaluate the HR policies and procedure for academic and non-academic employees
  3. Maintain good and longer employee relations
  4. Prepare contracts of employment
  5. Provide support and special advice to all the departments
  6. Maintain all kinds of employee records and statistics
  7. Provide confidential welfare support
  8. Meet all the requirements of temporary staff
We make our learners
  1. Honest and committed
  2. Take on big challenges
  3. Respectful and dedicated
  4. Passionate for teaching, research and working in the educational institutions
  5. Self-critical and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement

We provide opportunities to the students that impart knowledge, innovative ideas, manage roles, impart vision and guide to the next generation.

Lecturer> Researcher>Author>Administrator>Mentor

Employee advantages

Indo Global College offers facilities to its employees for their well being and career growth including the below:

  1. Pay scales based on 6th pay commission
  2. Employment provident fund and gratuity
  3. Medical insurance
  4. Free health benefits
  5. Encashment of earned leaves
  6. Special pay to staff members for continuous services
  7. Concession on availing bus services
  8. Higher increments to those performing well
  9. Pursue further studies
  10. Faculty members are encouraged to take up consultancy, projects and research work.

Positions are opened time-to-time for different department sin the institute, Some of the positions that one could look for job in Indo Global College are:

  1. Academic administration
  2. Administration
  3. Marketing and sales
  4. Faculty
  5. Human Resources
  6. IT
  7. Finance and Accounts
  8. Professors
  9. Pursue further studies
  10. Directors/Deans/Institution Head and more.

Visit the link below to know more information about our current openings.

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