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B. Tech Mechanical Engineering at Indo Global College is a 4-year undergraduate degree program that prepares students for a broad range of careers associated with the design and implementation of mechanical devices involving conversion, transmission and utilization of energy. Mechanical engineering involves creating smaller parts for machines to develop big machines and mechanical devices

B. Tech Mechanical Engineering at Indo Global College includes the science and art of formulation, design, development and control of systems and components involving mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanisms and the conversion of energy into useful work.

Our undergraduate mechanical engineering program addresses both the quest to understand how things work and the desire to put this understanding for practical use. Students are guided by a qualified and experienced faculty who are members of prestigious engineering societies and counted amongst all rounder scholars in their profession. Design and fabrication projects are also undertaken by the students during the course as a part of their curriculum.

B. Tech Mechanical Engineering course aims to provide

  • Knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering and makes students capable enough to develop problem-  solving skills for promising careers in mechanical engineering
  • The students will acquire in depth knowledge in at least one area of specialization. These specialization areas      include applied mechanics, energy engineering, design, automobile engineering, robotics and manufacturing etc.
  • Theoretical and industry-oriented knowledge, research and consultancy which provide exposure to deal with  challenging situations in mechanical engineering
  • Students knowledge and skills to build efficient machines that define tomorrow
  • Ability to formulate engineering problems and designing mechanical devices to meet diversified needs of industries
  • Students are also exposed to issues dealing with relationships related to society and understand their needs for    social, professional and ethical responsibility in engineering practices
  • Learn to work in teams, develop leadership qualities and seamless communication skills

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Program structure

Undergraduate program provides scientific and technical background in mechanical engineering. The specialization is also provided in various areas including mechanics, energy conversion, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, manufacturing systems and materials, cryogenics, automation, elctro-mechanical systems and robotics.

During first two years, coursework emphasizes on mathematics, physics, computing, materials, statistics and graphics which is common in almost all engineering branches. In last two years, emphasis is given on mechanics of fluids and solids, heat transfer manufacturing, instrumentation, design and control, experimentation and system synthesis.

Career Opportunities after B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

The multidisciplinary education and training provided in B.Tech Mechanical Engineering at Indo Global College prepares students for a leading role in designing and creation of innovative mechanical devices. The leading automotive and mechanical companies regularly visit the campus for placement purpose. Our students have been recruited in leading organizations such as Tata Motors, EICHER, Maruti, DCM, L&T etc at highly attractive packages. 


For admission to Mechanical Engineering courses in B Tech at Indo Global College:

Eligibility Btech Lateral Entry( 2nd Year)

All those candidates who have passed Minimum THREE years / TWO years (Lateral Entry) Diploma examination from an AICTE approved Institution / Recognized University as defined by UGC with at least 45% marks (40% marks in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in ANY branch of Engineering and Technology shall be eligible to apply.

Eligibility for Btech 1st year

All those candidates who have passed the 10+2 examination from board recognised or established by Central/State Government with Physics & Mathematics as a compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects: Chemistry/Biology/ Computer Science & Biotechnology.


The students of the department of Mechanical Engineering have access to well-equipped laboratories and workshops.


Fluid Mechanics Lab

Study of flow measurement devices. Bernoulli Apparatus, Reynould’s apparatus for : (i) Bernoulli’s theorem (ii) Reynould’s Pitot, Orifice, Mouth Piece Notches, Metacentric height of ship model.
Test Rigs for (i) Francis Turbine, Pelton Wheel Turbine, Gear Pumps, Reciprocating Pump, Centrifugal Pump and much more.

Thermodynamics Lab

Axial flow fan test rig. Section model of two stroke diesel engine, Double Staged Compressor test rig. Centrifugal blower test rig, multicylinder petrol engine T.R. with hydraulic dynamometer, simple cylinder diesel engine test rig with rope brake dynamometer, separating calorimeter.

Heat Transfer Lab

Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger, apparatus for measuring heat transfer properties under natural and forced convention.

Computer Aided Design Lab

Ice plant tutor, Refrigerators, Section models of : (i) hermatically sealed compressor (ii) Semi sealed Compressor (iii) Window A/c testrig (iv) Refrigeration test rig and others.

Strength of Materials Lab

Universal Testing Machine, Creep & Fatigue Testing Machine, Hardness Testing, Impact Testing Machine, Wood Testing Machine.

Theory of Machines Lab

Apparatus for Universal Governer, Universal vibration, Epicydic dear train, Cam Analysis Machine, Motorised Gyroscope and others.

Materials and Metallurgy Lab

Muffle Furnace, Polishing Machines, Microscopes, Jomney End Quench apparatus and more.

Measurement and Meterology Lab

Profile Projector, Todo Microscope, Surface Texture Apparatus and other sophisticated measuring instruments.

Automobile Lab

Esteem Engine models and sections of various types of differential and engines, other automobile parts and Maruticar for displaying parts.


Foundry Shop & Sand Testing Equipment

Furnace, facility of pit bench and floor modeling, along with tools and other accessories.

Carpentry & Pattern Making

Wood working machine, lathes, drilling machine etc. with wood cutting tools and other equipment.

Machine Shop

Lathe, drilling machines, shapers, milling machines, slotters etc.

Smithy Shop

Furnaces, blowers and various other essential tools required for forging processes.

Electric Shop

Arrangement for testing and making various kinds of electric circuits and required tools and equipments.

Sheet Metal Shop

Essential machinery and equipments for sheet cutting, rolling, bending processes and for making joints etc.

Fitting Shop

Equipped with drilling machines, power hacksaw and all the equipments required for fitting purposes.

Welding Shop

D.C. Generator, A.C. Generator arrangement for arc welding, Tig Welding, Mig. Welding, Oxy-acetylene welding, brazing and soldering, butt welding and seam welding.


The college lays emphasis on training to gain practical knowledge during the degree course. The students are required to undergo, industrial training for 4 weeks and 6 month in second and six  semesters respectvely.
Students have to work in various workshops namely Sheet Metal, Electroplating, Carpentry. Automobile, Smith, Foundry etc. The class had the privilege of training in industries such as TATA MOTORS, L&T, DCM, PTLK, EICHER, MARUTI UDYOG LTD. Etc.

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