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AICTE’s Scheme for Promoting Interests, Creativity and Ethics among
students (SPICES)

AICTE came forward to sponsor through its educational Scheme for Promoting Interests, Creativity, and Ethics among Students (SPICES) for developing students club for the well- rounded development of students by promoting their interests, creativity, and ethics. As part of this initiative, Indo Global College of Engineering has formed various Clubs and Societies for overall development of students. Objective of this program is to energize the students by facilitating entities for the pursuit of individual interests, creative work, showcasing talent, networking and teamwork opportunities, social experiences, organization and management skills, exposure to professional ethics, etc. Students of various departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, MBA will be part of this initiative & will be enrolled in various clubs formed by the institute. Objectives of the club are as follows:
  1. To enhance overall skills of students through various clubs.
  2. To pursuit individual interests, creative work, showcase talent, networking and teamwork, opportunities, social experience; organization and management skills, exposure to professional ethics etc.
  3. To serve as a platform to build communication skills, think out of box, event management, leadership quality, and public speaking, know national culture and many more.
  4. To reach out alumni and industries for fund-raising to make the club self- sustainable.
Students have been segregated into 5 clubs namely:
  • Admission Enquiry : 7307211222