B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering in Chandigarh, Punjab

The department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the finest departments of this institutions. The department has highly qualified faculty and staff who work with packed devotion and enthusiasm. The department keeps up with the ever varying challenges of the modern day industry and is firm in its commitment to produce erudite and conscientious mechanical engineergs.

Instructions are imparted in the areas of energy conversion, refrigeration, design of mechanical components and machines, production engineering, techniques of management, computer programming, numerical analysis and CAD/CAM. Design and fabrication projects are also undertaken as a part of the curriculum.

Acclimatization with the diverse industry processes such as machining and testing is furnished by the well-equipped laboratories and workshops.


The students of the department of Mechanical Engineering have access to well-equipped laboratories and workshops.


Fluid Mechanics Lab

Study of flow measurement devices. Bernoulli Apparatus, Reynould’s apparatus for : (i) Bernoulli’s theorem (ii) Reynould’s Pitot, Orifice, Mouth Piece Notches, Metacentric height of ship model.

Test Rigs for (i) Francis Turbine, Pelton Wheel Turbine, Gear Pumps, Reciprocating Pump, Centrifugal Pump and much more.

Thermodynamics Lab

Axial flow fan test rig. Section model of two stroke diesel engine, Double Staged Compressor test rig. Centrifugal blower test rig, multicylinder petrol engine T.R. with hydraulic dynamometer, simple cylinder diesel engine test rig with rope brake dynamometer, separating calorimeter.

Heat Transfer Lab

Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger, apparatus for measuring heat transfer properties under natural and forced convention.

Computer Aided Design Lab

Ice plant tutor, Refrigerators, Section models of : (i) hermatically sealed compressor (ii) Semi sealed Compressor (iii) Window A/c testrig (iv) Refrigeration test rig and others.

Strength of Materials Lab

Universal Testing Machine, Creep & Fatigue Testing Machine, Hardness Testing, Impact Testing Machine, Wood Testing Machine.

Theory of Machines Lab

Apparatus for Universal Governer, Universal vibration, Epicydic dear train, Cam Analysis Machine, Motorised Gyroscope and others.

Materials and Metallurgy Lab

Muffle Furnace, Polishing Machines, Microscopes, Jomney End Quench apparatus and more.

Measurement and Meterology Lab

Profile Projector, Todo Microscope, Surface Texture Apparatus and other sophisticated measuring instruments.

Automobile Lab

Esteem Engine models and sections of various types of differential and engines, other automobile parts and Maruticar for displaying parts.


Foundry Shop & Sand Testing Equipment

Fumace, facility of pit bench and floor modeling, along with tools and other accessories.

Carpentry & Pattern Making

Wood working machine, lathes, drilling machine etc. with wood cutting tools and other equipment.

Machine Shop

Lathe, drilling machines, shapers, milling machines, slotters etc.

Smithy Shop

Furnaces, blowers and various other essential tools required for forging processes.

Electric Shop

Arrangement for testing and making various kinds of electric circuits and required tools and equipments.

Sheet Metal Shop

Essential machinery and equipments for sheet cutting, rolling, bending processes and for making joints etc.

Fitting Shop

Equipped with drilling machines, power hacksaw and all the equipments required for fitting purposes.

Welding Shop

D.C. Generator, A.C. Generator arrangement for arc welding, Tig Welding, Mig. Welding, Oxy-acetylene welding, brazing and soldering, butt welding and seam welding.


The college lays emphasis on training to gain practical knowledge during the degree course. The students are required to undergo, industrial training fror 4 weeks at the end of 4 & 6 semesters.

Students have to work in various workshops namely Sheet Metal, Electroplating, Carpentry. Automobile, Smith, Foundry etc. The class had the privilege of training in industries such as TATA MOTORS, L&T, DCM, PTLK, EICHER, MARUTI UDYOG LTD. Etc.

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