B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering

B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering in Chandigarh

The course of B. Tech in Computer Science & Engg. Lays strong emphasis on both computer hardware as well as software. The important subjects taught during the four years course include Network Technology. System Softwar. WEB Administration, Microprocessor and its Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Communication Network, Multi Media & Application, Advance Micro Processor, Discrete Structures for Computer Science, data Base Systems. Assembling Language Programme, Computer Graphics, Data Structure using C Computer Peripheral devices and interfacing, E-Commerce etc.

Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of stress is laid on hands-on training and overall development of the individual’s personality. The teaching programmes have been devised keeping in view close interaction with the industry. The competence of the department is reflected in growing demand for its fresh graduates. The number of recruiting companies has multiplied manifold in the last few years.


Students are provided with extensive practical exposure to a range of software and hardware on subjects relating to the curriculum. An overview of the facilities made available to the students is given below:



These labs, are being used for practical courses on C, C++, Data-structures. Algorithms and Computer Networks. The lab have recently been upgraded with 30 latest Pentium 4 machines. Also they are equipped with Window 2003 Programming. Cyrix Server with range of network equipment which includes D-Link Switch, Radio Modem, Hubs, Patch Panel etc. The lab. Provides for on-hand experience in Networking using Windows 2003 Environment. It also has Linux and Navell Netware licensed operating systems.


The Multimedia Graphics Lab. Serves for practical sources in Computer Graphics. This lab is equipped with 30 Pentium 4 based multimedia PCs. Also the lab. Boasts of an Acer Altos Server. The lab. Provides working experience in Windows and Linux environments. This lab. also has licensed Adobe Photoshop on all machines.

The lab is primarily for practical courses on Microprocessors. The lab. is equipped with 10 trainer kits of 8085, 8086 & Z-80 (Oscilloscopes, Frequency Counters, Function Generators, Pulse Generators, Dual Output Power Supplies, Logic Design Trainer Kits, IC Tester Distortion Factor Meter and other cards and Peripherals.


This lab is provided with Mat Lab and other related Softwares with neural Network and Fuzzy Logic tool boxes for giving students.


This lab also has 30 Pentium –IV machines with Oracle 10, for giving students practical knowledge of data base management.


This lab is solely used for the purpose of internet surfing by all students of the college.


The department is also equipped with Automatic Slide Projector, Over Head Projector and LCD Projector for use during seminars and conferences. Besides the lab. specific equipment, the department also has some common lab. facilities which are used as per requirement of the students. These include a Compaq Laptop, Digital Camera, Video Camera and Web Cameras.

The department keeps itself updated with the latest software required for proper functioning of the labs and to meet the needs of the students. The computers of the department are equipped with Windows XP, AutoCAD, Ms-Office, Borland C++ and relevant software. Apart from these facilities available in the department, students are also exposed to networking facility available in the Computer lab.


As a part of the curriculum, all the students have to undergo 6 weeks and 6 month industrial training. The training takes place at the end of 1 st year and at the end of 3 rd year. The students of this college have worked as interns in leading organizations such as HCL, TCS, C-DOT, ALCATEL, ICICI INFOTECH, HFCL, L&T, CHEYODA, PUNCOM, QUARK, PCL, DCL, MAX INDIA, CSIO, TRIDENT, HUGES, SIEMENS, FUITSU, to name a few and have brought appreciation from these organisations.

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